The power of love is Impenetrable

The power of love is Impenetrable

“Spending my life you gives me a sense of purpose. It gives companionship with whom I can share both happy and sad times. The power of love is impenetrable, and when it truly works, it’s akin to magic”

“Your beauty takes my breath away. Your cheerful smile and long curly hair on your face enhance your sparkle. I want you to talk to me but I am not finding any reason to speak to you. I wish sometimes she could notice me.”

“Your just a simple ‘Hi’ can make my day. You give me butterflies in my belly, I really want to come near to you to see you more clearly.”

“My heart beats for you. Your words wrap around my heart and sizzle into my nerves warming my body.”

“”We can do all those extraordinary things with power of love.”