Ultimate Quotes of Motivation

Ultimate Quotes of Motivation

Motivation is a medicine – everyone needs it. This is a spirit which is very much necessary to have a successful progressive life. When we’re are 100% inspired, we can do almost anything. It increases our work capacity and makes us more positive/confident/determined.

So here presenting the the ultimate motivational quotes/sayings and if you read it seriously – believe me that you are through.

1- Very Little is needed to make a happy life. Its all within yourself in your way of thinking.

2- Never depend on anyone except yourself.

3- Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.

4- In this world – Nothing is certain, but death & taxes.

5- The best way to get out of a difficulty is – Through it.

6- When men speaks of the future, the God laughs.

7- Ready money is Aladdin’s lamp.

8- The heart that love is always young.

9- Better to accept whatever happens.

10- In married life, three is a company and two is none.

11- Who can give law to lovers? Love is
greater law to itself.