What is Love

What is Love

Millions of people search frequently to know what is LOVE! Well the answer of this query is not easy. The definition of Love varies from person to person and from situation to situation. But in simple words Love means a pure feeling for someone where there is not place for selfishness. When you under go through this feeling, you can only think about their happiness. It is not easy because this is not mandatory that if you love somebody, they also also you back. This case may hurt you a lot but it is fact.


Some people say that:
Love is infatuation.
It is relationship of hearts.
Eye speaks and smile works.
Life is useless without it.
Whether you sleeping, awake, study or work – you always keep on thing about her/him.
It makes you crazy.
You are in air.
Love is disease.
It is most beautiful thing what happens in your life.
Love makes you live like a King.
It is mandatory thing of life.
It kills.

So in above lot of definitions, you can find yours. Most of human being go though it and it makes them so sensative and mature. We can say that:

Love means a feeling or care for one another which bounds you both together.
It is concern for her/him.
It shows that you are well wisher.
Love is magnet which keeps you both together always.
It is real thing.